Employers may be allowed to contract remote workers via electronic means

The Government has proposed changes to the Labor Code and the first article of the Federal law “On electronic signature”, aimed to ease the formation of contracts between employers and staff working on telecommuting basis.


The changes include the possibility of contract formation by purely electronic means with no paperwork whatsoever, as well as the freedom to exclude the remote work entries from  employment record. If an employee chooses to do so, it  will be the copies of employment agreement and order on termination of the agreement that will confirm the the period of employment.


The bill also establishes the provision that states an enhanced electronic signature has to be used to draw, amend and terminate the contract with remote employees. 

Furthermore, the government officials have made a move to include the regulations that would allow remote workers to file documents electronically, as well as to get acquainted with the documents mentioned in the Article 68 of the Labor Code, e.g. employment policies and procedures, local acts, collective agreements etc.